Easter 2018!

Last year, we were swimming on Easter Sunday and this year, we were searching for eggs in the snow with our boots on! It’s April and we are still getting snow, like lots of it. Come on Minnesota! But whatever, it was a good Easter regardless :) The night before we celebrated Ivy’s birthday, so on Easter Sunday, her actual birthday, it wasn’t until around 10am that we said, “oh! And Happy birthday Ivy!” Too much going on. We went to church as a family in the morning, then headed to my parents for lunch and an indoor egg hunt. Then after Ivy’s nap, we headed to Maple Grove to join the whole Prosser clan. We tried to enjoy the outdoors a little and had the egg hunt in the snow, then had dinner together. It’s become a tradition to celebrate with both families on Easter, and we love it! It’s fun to be with everyone. Even though that day was a little busy, it was a special season to watch the older two boys, especially Leyton, soak in more of what Easter really means. He’s asked so many questions lately about eternity, about Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and can definitely say that he has invited Jesus into his heart and that he believes in Jesus. Nothing could make me more proud! It’s truly a gift to watch the faith of a child grow. It’s simple and it’s personal. We continue to pray for the hearts of all of our children to be able to understand why we have faith in Jesus Christ and to find a personal relationship with Him.
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