Easter 2017

It was a busy Easter, like they all are, but we honestly feel so blessed to have both sets of families to visit in one wild day! This year, we started at church in the morning, where we saw all of our cousins in their cute Easter attire. By the way, I think I’m finally learning to give up a little on cute Easter outfits. Everything was picked out, matching perfectly and ready to go but (and I know this is crazy), when you don’t get a decent picture of it all, it barely counts! Haha. The boys were a mess right away after church and wanted to change asap. I’ll try to remember to save my money next year. So after church, we headed to my parents with Tyler, Erin and Nathan. Following tradition, the adults hid the eggs and let our three boys go crazy searching for candy filled eggs! We had lunch and the kids played logos while the adults sat around for a bit talking about our favorite parts about the Easter message and what the message of Christ’s death and resurrection means to us. It’s so great sharing our love for the Lord with others in our family! (We also talked about how strange of traditions the bunny and the eggs are haha!)

We then headed to Luke’s side, where Mimi and Papa had their pool open for the first time this year! So nice to have almost 70 degree weather in April! The boys were so excited to get in the water. Leyton and Finn are both in swimming lessons right now and are doing really well at learning how to swim and being more comfortable. But speaking of the one who hasn’t learned to swim.. before we could get wings on Everett, he was so excited, yelled a big “woo hoo!” and jumped right in the water! I quickly realized that he couldn’t touch or swim back up so I jumped in after him, fully clothed! Wild start to the swimming season :) But we had an Easter egg hunt, ate a great meal, watched Uncle Nate play in the wild game, and had so much fun with everyone! I love this group of little cousins, they’re so sweet and so fun together!

Every year, it’s such a treat to watch my kids learn more about Jesus and who He is in their lives. With such innocent hearts, they absorb so much about the stories in the Bible and how important Jesus is to our family. I am so grateful for our redemption in Christ, new life and the opportunity to impart this on our children. So many reasons to feel so blessed this year!


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