This post is coming in so very late, I know. But.. this is life lately! We are in this wonderful limbo stage. We are ONE WEEK from being in our new house! One week! It’s hard to believe that it’s finally here, but at the same time, it feels like we’ve been at my parents for a while now. We are SO excited to move in and just start living there! But, let’s back to Christmas. That happened, right?

It was nice to sort of take a Christmas off this year. Not to say it wasn’t busy, like they all are, but we didn’t do the tree, the decorating, and all of that! It felt like we got to relax a little more and enjoy December at my parents house. December was filled with Christmas concerts for the boys, decorating cookies, eating cookies, shopping for presents and spending some great time with our families! We spent Christmas Eve day at the Prosser side (I woke up with a lovely phase two of strep throat, so that day was a bit blurry to me).. but it was so fun like always! Christmas morning we spent just with our crew at my parents house then we opened more presents when Erin and Nathan and Ryan and Lisa and their family came in the evening!

The kids definitely enjoyed Christmas and have been doing so well with this season of change that we are facing! Leyton is busy as always and talks non stop. He loves all of his “activities” lately and definitely keeps us on our toes! Finn has been loving preschool and has become quite the silly wild man at school. But he loves his quiet, calm afternoons with me and grandma! Everett’s still.. Everett. Yes he’s so fun and occasionally very sweet, but still as stubborn as they come. Ivy smiles all. the. time! She’s a content little lady and has zero desire to crawl and just sits and watches the action all around her! There is so much to reflect on and remember from this stage of life. We are trying our hardest to enjoy each of them in their own unique ways. We love our Prosser 4!

This is a bit of a photo dump, but this shows our wonderfully chaotic December!

12-25-1 12-25-2

Christmas Eve at the Prossers! 12-25-3 12-25-4

12-25-5 12-25-612-25-3412-25-35

Christmas morning!12-25-7 12-25-8 12-25-9

He is so focused on his latest lego project!12-25-10 12-25-11 12-25-12 12-25-13 12-25-14 12-25-15 12-25-16 12-25-17 12-25-18 12-25-1912-25-3612-25-3812-25-3712-25-63

Random shots of the house progress!
12-25-2112-25-24 12-25-25 12-25-26 12-25-27 12-25-28 12-25-29 12-25-30

The rink by our new house!12-25-31

Christmas service at Substance Church:

12-25-39 12-25-40 12-25-41 12-25-42

Watching Leyton’s hockey game!12-25-43 12-25-44 12-25-45

Trip the Mall of America with the cousins!12-25-47 12-25-48 12-25-4912-25-51 12-25-52

And back to school with Leyton’s best friend Noah!12-25-54 12-25-55 12-25-56 12-25-57




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