Christmas Programs

This year, we had two Christmas programs to attend! This is our 4th (and last!) year attending a preschool program at Eagle Brook. It’s so sweet to watch the little kids waddle up on stage and attempt to remember the words to the songs! Last year Finn was fairly shy about the whole idea. This year he was a wild man! There wasn’t an ounce of nerves and he was being silly with his two friends (Levi and Teddy) the whole time. Levi and Finn even snickered to me after the program that they replace some of the words with “poopy.” Haha, little boys are the best :)

And Leyton was a part of a 1st and 2nd grade program at his school and it was so fun! They worked really hard in music class on these songs and even though I’ve heard these songs recited multiple times at home, it was so fun to see all the kids together. Our month of December has been so busy (why is it always this way?!) but I love these activities that we can attend as a family! So many great Christmas memories!

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