Christmas 2018!

I didn’t manage to sneak this post in in 2018, but we were too busy of course! We had such a great, very full Christmas break, it was wonderful! The week before Christmas, we managed to squeeze in all the little traditions so we wouldn’t miss anything. One of my favorites is when we surprise the kids after dinner some random night, tell them to run upstairs and get their Christmas pajamas on that are laying out, and head out to go look at Christmas lights together! We brings hot chocolate and candy canes and it’s really fun! We also saw the movie The Star, which was really sweet and took the boys to see the Grinch in the movie theater. Then the 23rd and 24th, we spent Prosser Christmas at Great Wolf Lodge Waterpark in Minneapolis. It’s so fun to watch all these little cousins together, they played and played and had so much fun! It was a great little getaway and a fun way to spend Christmas with that crew. Then Christmas morning and most of the day, we spent just at home which I LOVE. We opened presents (we surprised them with a bunny!), had a big breakfast and just stayed in our PJs most of the day. Around 4, we headed to my parents where we joined up with the whole family that came in from out of town. Then for the next week, we did tons of fun things with the out of towners.. mall of America, sky zone, boot hockey and ice hockey, pizza ranch, dinners together, it was so great! It’s safe to say our kids were totally spoiled with endless fun. Although at times it felt like a blur, it was honestly another sweet, sweet Christmas.. with a mix of relaxing, tons of family time and just enjoying the meaning of Christmas. It was perfect!

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