Christmas 2017

Another year, another wonderful Christmas! I love Christmas, I love everything about it, BUT, I’m sort of ok with it being over. Well, I should say, I’m just very ready when it finally comes. All the hype, all the shopping, all the wrapping.. but when we finally get to the days surrounding Christmas, where we just get to relax and be with family.. that’s the good stuff. We are starting to establish some great traditions in the month of December. This year, we did Operation Christmas Child, which was a great way to start the season at least thinking about giving. The kids loved it! I also love our night when we pack up the van after dinner, wearing our pajamas and we head around town to look at lights while sipping hot chocolate. And by the time Christmas hits, we’ve watched all the Christmas movies (they loved Home Alone and Polar Express this year!), we’ve listened to all the Christmas music, read all the Christmas books, made all the crafts, and played lots of Christmas bingo. It really is so fun, to experience Christmas through a kid’s eyes. Also, new this year, we are official owners of Nordy, our Elf on the shelf! Haha, this is a story for another day, but we’re totally those parents that tell them Santa isn’t real (in a very nice way).. but this year, the kids (Leyton especially) really wanted to believe in Santa. He convinced us that Santa must bring at least one present, and that our little buddy Nordy definitely has secret powers to see who is naughty and nice. We can’t be total Scrooges, so we’re going with it for now!

On Christmas Eve day, we headed to Luke’s parents for a day of sledding and playing with all the cousins. The kids opened a couple presents, but their bigger surprise was Mimi and Papa telling them that they’re taking us all the Disney World in a couple weeks! It’s going to be so fun! On Christmas morning, we love to spending our morning opening presents, playing with toys (setting up SO many legos!), eating a big breakfast, and just being together! We then headed to my parents house with Tyler, Erin, Nathan and my parents for dinner and more presents! The boys also went to the Star Wars movie on Christmas Day. Everett even got out of his nap to go, because he couldn‘t stand not going to see “the wast Jedi” with his brothers! After dinner, we went to visit my grandpa and sing Christmas songs with him. :) It was a wonderful Christmas and we are continually grateful for our huge extended family!

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