Cabin Weekend

Last weekend, we had the awesome privilege of crashing at the old O’Leary cabin for the weekend.. it’s the wonderful, quaint cabin on McGregor Lake in northern Minnesota.  We went last year with Steph and Kevin and had such a great time.. remember?
This year, all the siblings could make it so Steph and Kevin, Nate and Britt, Luke, Kristen and lil’ Leyton made the trip up for the weekend.  We had so much fun!  Leyton woke up early everyday (sorry!) but was a champ at napping… the sun wore that kid out!  We spent a lot of time cruising on the boat, laying out at the dock, crashing a beach, reading book (mmm) and just relaxing!  It was wonderful. 
This is an annual thing, right guys?
He loved these cowboy boots!  He kept wanting them on and walked around clicking on the floor. This is hilarious throwing skills lately :)



Just love this picture!

chillin’ on the boat..

spitting off the boat with dad.

thinking he’s cool with the Coke..

 Auntie Steph and Uncle Nate!

Britt and Nate

the girls!

the boys!

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