Cabin Weekend + Monday snapshots

Over the weekend, our family enjoyed a relaxing couple days at the O’Leary cabin!  This has turned into an annual trip, as this was our third year of going up there.  It is an adorable little cabin on Round Lake, which is a perfectly quiet, still lake.. so relaxing (even with 2 kids!)  Finn woke me up bright and early on Saturday morning, guess he wanted me to experience the sunrise.. which was beautiful!  He was so cute.. we went out by the water, I set him down on the grass so I could capture the beauty with my camera and I would look back at him just sitting there, shivering and smiling so big.  He liked the early morning adventure :)  It was a little chilly and rainy in the afternoon, so we had no choice but no nap! (ya!)   We fished, kayaked, went into town for pizza.. had a great time!  Thanks Steph and Kabes!

Leyton got his first bee sting, but was pretty brave about it.  It helps that Steph is the best aunt ever and helped him get through it :)  

Here’s some pictures of the little boys this morning.  Breakfast is probably the favorite meal around here.. they are just so sweet in the mornings (usually.. well, sometimes)

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