Happy birthday Luke!

Ok, just to preface.. this video is very accurate of our stage of life right now. Luke’s out golfing (haha, to be fair, it is his birthday), while I’m wrangling the 4 crazies. We get ready for bed when I remember to do this video. “Quickly kids! Get outside to the front porch!” Total chaos. It’s windy, they’re wild, we’re all a mess, so one take is all we’re getting! But we love you babe and we all LOVE living this crazy life with YOU!

(and what happened to our sweet Finn?!)

Finn’s last day of Preschool!

And just like that.. our little Finn is headed to elementary school! What?! Oh boy.. I don’t know if I’m ready for this! It’s a good thing we have a whole summer to be in denial. Preschool is easy, and sweet, and super part time. Kindergarten is ALL DAY! I know I know, I wasn’t nearly this weepy with Leyton. But Finn is my little buddy! We hang out, we cuddle and we pretend he isn’t growing up (haha I’m know I’m sounding like one of “those” parents). I’ve been extra sentimental lately about this new season. For over 3 years, it’s just been Finn and I every afternoon while the little ones sleep. We have a couple hours of great hang out time and I’m so going to miss it! Last week, Luke and I were gone on vacation (we went to Cabo!).. Finn was extra cuddly the day we got back. I said, “what do you want to do today Finn?” He says, “tickle! In your bed!” So we did! We play games, we paint, we color.. it’s the best.

But! I am SO proud of Finn and I honestly feel so confident about him heading to Kindergarten in the fall. Although he is more timid and cautious than Leyton, he’s grown up so much in the past couple of years.  He is still fairly quiet and shy, but he has a greater sense of confidence and has felt so much more comfortable this year in preschool. He has a couple great friends in preschool (Teddy and Levi) and loves being with his buddies! He is confident with coloring and working on his letters and reports often about the projects they did and the books they read. His teachers were amazing and made it such a great experience for Finn! We couldn’t be more proud of our little buddy!!

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5.25-13 5.25-14 5.25-16 5.25-17 5.25-19

Easter 2017

It was a busy Easter, like they all are, but we honestly feel so blessed to have both sets of families to visit in one wild day! This year, we started at church in the morning, where we saw all of our cousins in their cute Easter attire. By the way, I think I’m finally learning to give up a little on cute Easter outfits. Everything was picked out, matching perfectly and ready to go but (and I know this is crazy), when you don’t get a decent picture of it all, it barely counts! Haha. The boys were a mess right away after church and wanted to change asap. I’ll try to remember to save my money next year. So after church, we headed to my parents with Tyler, Erin and Nathan. Following tradition, the adults hid the eggs and let our three boys go crazy searching for candy filled eggs! We had lunch and the kids played logos while the adults sat around for a bit talking about our favorite parts about the Easter message and what the message of Christ’s death and resurrection means to us. It’s so great sharing our love for the Lord with others in our family! (We also talked about how strange of traditions the bunny and the eggs are haha!)

We then headed to Luke’s side, where Mimi and Papa had their pool open for the first time this year! So nice to have almost 70 degree weather in April! The boys were so excited to get in the water. Leyton and Finn are both in swimming lessons right now and are doing really well at learning how to swim and being more comfortable. But speaking of the one who hasn’t learned to swim.. before we could get wings on Everett, he was so excited, yelled a big “woo hoo!” and jumped right in the water! I quickly realized that he couldn’t touch or swim back up so I jumped in after him, fully clothed! Wild start to the swimming season :) But we had an Easter egg hunt, ate a great meal, watched Uncle Nate play in the wild game, and had so much fun with everyone! I love this group of little cousins, they’re so sweet and so fun together!

Every year, it’s such a treat to watch my kids learn more about Jesus and who He is in their lives. With such innocent hearts, they absorb so much about the stories in the Bible and how important Jesus is to our family. I am so grateful for our redemption in Christ, new life and the opportunity to impart this on our children. So many reasons to feel so blessed this year!


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 4.16-32 4.16-35 4.16-38 4.16-39 4.16-41 4.16-42 4.16-43 4.16-44 4.16-47 4.16-48 4.16-49 4.16-50 4.16-51


Ivy’s 1st birthday party

Oh this was a fun birthday! Since it was her golden birthday (1!!) I went a little crazy with so much gold and pink! We had a bunch of sweets.. chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels, macaroons, pink popcorn and of course, cake and cupcakes! Hilary made another amazing cake and it was so fun that it was for a girl this time! My sister and mom helped me craft a little and we were good! It was fun to have everyone there to celebrate our Ivy. She was so cute while we sang to her and so dainty picked at her cake. And just like that.. she’s ONE!

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Happy 1st birthday Ivy!

4.1-11 4.1-9 4.1-5 4.1-2 4.1-14.1-8

Our baby girl is officially ONE! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since we met our little Ivy girl! This birthday brings SO much sentiment and so many memories from her grand entrance last year on April 1st. She was our big mystery and our biggest surprise. I had imagined what it would be like to meet my baby girl but I had no idea it would actually come true! That day she was born will forever be one of my favorite days in the life of our family and I will never forget all the little details of those first days. And honestly, it just keeps getting better. I’m trying to not be that annoying mom who constantly says “can you believe we have a girl!?”.. but I think it more than I’d like to admit. Like when I’m browsing the baby girl dresses at the store, or when I’m picking out which bow she should wear in the morning, or when I’m decorating her room. All of it! It’s just so fun. And she is seriously the sweetest, smiliest little baby. Every time I come in her room in the morning or after her nap, she’s just beaming. And when anyone smiles at her, she flashes the biggest smile back.

She loves her brothers and love when they kiss her, tickle her, push her around, drag her by feet.. all of it. And she lights up for her daddy! She can handle being pretty roughed up by Luke.. It’s the sweetest thing to watch! But she’s definitely a mommy’s girl. She loves being held and is attached to my hip anywhere we go. She still won’t do church nursery, but prefers just to hang by our feet or on our laps during church. We’re not too upset about it :) She totally skipped crawling, but has figured out a little scoot that will get her around. She motors in the walker, it’s so hilarious to watch! But for the most part, she’s content wherever you set her and will play so well with anything around her. This is so different that Everett at this age! He preferred to dump the tupperware and the ziploc bags, or anything non-toy. Ivy’s a nice change of pace :)

She’s a much better sleeper at night, but I’m a sucker, and give into feeding her if she randomly wakes up. She naps usually just once in the afternoon. Sometimes we’ll give her a morning nap, but it’s so rare that she’s getting used to just the one. She eats quite a bit, but definitely has her preferences. She’s a big fruit and carb girl and tends to pick around the veggies. She is only 18 pounds (20%) and feels so little! She makes so many noises with her mouth and sticks out her tongue when she gets excited. She makes so many faces and straightens her arms and legs and does these little feet rolls when she’s happy! Last night, the boys were having a tough night and being so wild and bickering way too much. While we were getting everybody ready for bed, Luke and I were in Ivy’s room just hanging out while little miss smiley. We both commented how she is such a ray of light.. she brings so much joy to our family! Although I still feel like I’m getting used to the fact that she’s here and she’s ours.. we definitely can’t imagine life without her! We are so thankful God chose to bless us with our baby girl. We love you Ivy doll!

Happy 7th birthday Leyton!

Our big boy is 7!! He woke up this morning with streamers on his doorway and balloons covering his floor.. the birthday week continues with this special March 6th birthday! Of course this day will always hold a special place for us. It’s the birth day that made us parents! The day he was born will always be so clear to me. It’s those years in between that are seriously starting to get a bit fuzzy! He has changed so much in 7 short years. He’s grown into a unique, individual boy who we have the absolute privilege of calling our son! He’s sweet and caring, and he loves with his whole heart. He has a way of unifying a wide variety of friends and gets along so well with so many different people. He’s always so positive and up for any challenge you throw his way. He has so much energy and loves to do anything active. But he also has a sweet, sensitive side. He goes out of his way to make cards or write notes for others. He loves to write, color and do anything crafty! His favorites right now are Pokemon cards, the Trolls movie, Piggie and Gerald books and anything hockey. He’s loving his new school and fits right in. At his school conference last week, his teacher told us that he’s doing so well and exceeding academically. She also told us that he came into his new school with confidence, but now he’s getting a little too confident and they’re seeing the squirrely side of Leyton. We knew it would happen eventually! He gets along really well with his brothers. He plays so well with Finn, he laughs hysterically at Everett and has the cutest baby voice for his sweet little sister. He sleeps well, eats well and is still waiting to lose that first tooth! We are so proud of our big boy and love watching him grow! I would say I can’t believe he’s 7 but seriously I couldn’t believe he was still 6! He’s a giant and seems to much older to me lately! Oh buddy, we love you more than you will ever know!


3.5-163.5-15 3.5-17

We had a birthday party for Leyton last weekend at Pinz. He played lazer tag with a wild group of boys, mostly from his old school in White Bear. He was so excited to see all of them!

IMG_2406 3.5-02 3.5-03 3.5-04 3.5-01

This past weekend, Leyton had a hockey tournament to finish out the season and his time with his White Bear team. He did so well and had a lot of fun! He does have a bit of a competitive/perfectionist spirit.. he shed a few tears that he didn’t win any ribbons in the skills competition and that he didn’t score a goal for his mom on her birthday ;) But we are all such proud fans!

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9 month comparison!

I know Ivy is waaay past this milestone, but I pulled out the good ol’ archives to compare all 4 kids at the same age! 2 blue eyes, 2 brown eyes. Very similar hair, except Ivy’s standing alone with that ginger hair! And Ivy’s the only one without 2 teeth at this age! Oh how I love these little ones!


Valentines Day 2017

In true Valentines Day fashion, our February 14th was filled with a semi-frantic, pink heart-shaped pancake breakfast, throwing on our red and pink clothes, followed by a rush out the door, valentines in hand ready for school! Leyton and Finn each had Valentines day parties at their schools, and I got to go help out a Leyton’s! It was so fun to see the big boy in his element at his new school! I got to meet his friends and see his new environment. They came home loaded with so much candy, which we’re trying to ration out over the new few days, and trying our best to share with Everett. We love this sweet holiday where we bust out all the red and PINK and celebrate love all day! Luke and I ended the wild day with a steak dinner after the kids went to bed. We love this tradition and are loving continuing it in the our new house!

(Yes, Ivy got her own mini photo shoot out of the day. It’s just too fun)

2.15-1 2.15-2 2.15-3 2.15-4 2.15-5 2.15-6 2.15-7

2.14-133 2.15-82.15-10 2.15-13 2.15-14 2.15-15

Ivy Noelle, 8/9/10 months!

HELLO!!! We are back! We are in the new house (when we pull up, Everett always says “hi new house!”).. and we are loving it! It’s SO crazy that this huge project, which we spent months and months making countless decisions over, is actually a real live HOUSE! The morning we moved in, it was empty and so shiny and sparkly. And then this tribe of a family moved in and it is a shiny, sort of messy, loud house full of people! I need to post about this transition, because there’s so much to be said about it all! But overall, it’s been AMAZING. It feels so good to have our space back, our stuff back and to settle in to this new life! I’ve been slacking on blogging because Luke sold my computer right before we moved to do his craigslist updating, but I have yet to actually get a new computer. But I need to update the blog so the details of our crazy life can be recorded!

IVY! Ivy is 10 months! I seriously can’t believe she’s creeping up on ONE. It just can’t be. That went way too fast! She has been an absolute treat and if I could do this whole year over again, I would. But I’m also so excited and curious for what a 1-year-old Ivy is like. It honestly just keeps getting better. Let’s see.. let’s start with the biggest change. Sleep! At my parents, she got into a terrible schedule of waking up 2-3 times at night to feed. She slept in a pack and play right next to our bed and turned into a pretty light sleeper. So, I gave in and just fed her anytime she woke up so I could keep on sleeping. Oh I was tired. So.. night 1 of living in the new house, we let her cry. It wasn’t terrible and she cried on and off night 1 and 2. And then after that, she’s slept all night! Seriously, such a dream. Something about having her own room, an actual crib, and not smelling mom right next to her :) Everyone’s happy! She doesn’t get a morning nap because of our busy schedule, but she cat naps on the go in the car. She makes up for it in a nice long afternoon nap. She’s eating tons of baby foods, but hasn’t revealed any teeth yet. She started off being pretty picky and making sour faces every time I tried to sneak in green beans or peas (but really, no one liked mushed up peas). But lately, she’s been tons better about a variety of foods.At her 9 months appointment, she was 17 ish pounds and in the 30th %.. although her cheeks tell another story, she’s a little lady!

She loves her brothers and they all know how to get the big Ivy cackle out of her! She loves her daddy and starts squealing when he comes home after work. But she’s still such a mommy’s girl and is on my hip all the time. And she’s not crawling! This is so new for us, as all of our boys were movers. But she just sits there, content to watch the action and play with little random toys you put around her (paper is her fav). Lately, she does like to stand but isn’t too stable. She doesn’t like when we put her on her stomach, so I honestly think she might skip crawling! We’ll see! She strongly dislikes church nursery, or really anywhere where she’s left without seeing familiar faces. Little lady runs the show! But other than the church cry fest, she smiles ALL THE TIME! She’s happy and smiley and is so full of life. We are so blessed to have her in our family and have loved every bit of the last 10 months with her!

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This post is coming in so very late, I know. But.. this is life lately! We are in this wonderful limbo stage. We are ONE WEEK from being in our new house! One week! It’s hard to believe that it’s finally here, but at the same time, it feels like we’ve been at my parents for a while now. We are SO excited to move in and just start living there! But, let’s back to Christmas. That happened, right?

It was nice to sort of take a Christmas off this year. Not to say it wasn’t busy, like they all are, but we didn’t do the tree, the decorating, and all of that! It felt like we got to relax a little more and enjoy December at my parents house. December was filled with Christmas concerts for the boys, decorating cookies, eating cookies, shopping for presents and spending some great time with our families! We spent Christmas Eve day at the Prosser side (I woke up with a lovely phase two of strep throat, so that day was a bit blurry to me).. but it was so fun like always! Christmas morning we spent just with our crew at my parents house then we opened more presents when Erin and Nathan and Ryan and Lisa and their family came in the evening!

The kids definitely enjoyed Christmas and have been doing so well with this season of change that we are facing! Leyton is busy as always and talks non stop. He loves all of his “activities” lately and definitely keeps us on our toes! Finn has been loving preschool and has become quite the silly wild man at school. But he loves his quiet, calm afternoons with me and grandma! Everett’s still.. Everett. Yes he’s so fun and occasionally very sweet, but still as stubborn as they come. Ivy smiles all. the. time! She’s a content little lady and has zero desire to crawl and just sits and watches the action all around her! There is so much to reflect on and remember from this stage of life. We are trying our hardest to enjoy each of them in their own unique ways. We love our Prosser 4!

This is a bit of a photo dump, but this shows our wonderfully chaotic December!

12-25-1 12-25-2

Christmas Eve at the Prossers! 12-25-3 12-25-4

12-25-5 12-25-612-25-3412-25-35

Christmas morning!12-25-7 12-25-8 12-25-9

He is so focused on his latest lego project!12-25-10 12-25-11 12-25-12 12-25-13 12-25-14 12-25-15 12-25-16 12-25-17 12-25-18 12-25-1912-25-3612-25-3812-25-3712-25-63

Random shots of the house progress!
12-25-2112-25-24 12-25-25 12-25-26 12-25-27 12-25-28 12-25-29 12-25-30

The rink by our new house!12-25-31

Christmas service at Substance Church:

12-25-39 12-25-40 12-25-41 12-25-42

Watching Leyton’s hockey game!12-25-43 12-25-44 12-25-45

Trip the Mall of America with the cousins!12-25-47 12-25-48 12-25-4912-25-51 12-25-52

And back to school with Leyton’s best friend Noah!12-25-54 12-25-55 12-25-56 12-25-57