August & the end of our summer!

It’s safe to say, we totally maximized our summer! We spent so much time outside, going to so many parks, pools, beaches, and enjoying what still feels like our “new” house! The kids LOVE playing with the many neighbor kids, they love the trampoline, riding bikes (seriously Finn got so good at riding his bike!), playing in the sandbox, water guns, and on it goes. It’s been such a great summer! We spent every morning the first two weeks of August at dryland hockey for Finn and Leyton. They totally loved it, and Everett and Ivy were champs. Everett has a little buddy that made the time go by quickly. Everett finished his little 8 week skating session. He did really well and totally loved it! Leyton started tackle football (more pictures I’m sure to come). And the boys camped out in our backyard with Luke, which was so fun! I can tell the boys will be ready for school. They are loving summer, but are getting more bored and aren’t as excited when I tell them we’re going to the park or beach. I seriously can’t believe I will have TWO kids in school starting this week!

And probably the biggest news from August is that Ivy finally learned to walk! On August 13th (the boys remember the exact date), she took off! She really wasn’t into it but one night when we were getting ready for bed, she just went for it! We were all freaking out, it was fun :) So at 16 months, Ivy finally got it! Here’s a video of her little steps and tons of pictures! It’s hilarious looking at these pictures and how many bodies are always in the way. No wonder it took her so long!





And just tons of pictures from our wonderful August!August17-01 August17-02 August17-03 August17-04 August17-05 August17-06 August17-07 August17-08 August17-09 August17-10 August17-11 August17-12

August17-19 August17-20 August17-21 August17-22 August17-23 August17-24 August17-25 August17-26 August17-27 August17-28 August17-29 August17-32 August17-33 August17-34 August17-35 August17-36 August17-37 August17-38 August17-39


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