April/May update!

I don’t even know where to start! At one point, I thought about this blog and thought, “shoot, did that blog really die?” And I don’t want it to! I’m sure someday it probably will. But I will try and keep it alive because it honestly reminds me to record more of this wonderfully busy season of life and also to keep the pictures coming! So, let’s see.. what’s life like lately..

The big boys are done with school next week and although I’m a mix of excitement to have them home and nervous for the craziness that will come with summer.. I’ve honestly enjoyed this year with just having Everett and Ivy home. It’s been a sweet relief from the chaos and a bit of an “easier” year in this mom world. Everett is still hanging onto his nap time most days, so I have this wonderful little quiet time every day that has been so nice. And in the morning, my two little buddies and I have so much fun running around, meeting friends, going to the Y. (Ivy always says “Y? Y? every morning haha!)

Everett seems to have grown out of his difficult years and is such a fun kid. He’s easier to communicate and negotiate with :).. he’s always up for an adventure and just really fun to be with. He still has two more years at home before Kindergarten so I know I’ll get lots of time with that kid. He is SO ready for school and would just on the bus tomorrow if we let him. He has one little neighbor boy that he plays with, but when Easton goes to school next year, I have a feeling Everett will be so bored. But maybe by then, Ivy will be more of playing buddy. Right now, he and Ivy get along so well.. it’s really sweet to see them form a friendship together.

Speaking of Ivy, woah.. she hit 2 and things got rough. People say it might be the girl thing (side note: Leyton and I were talking about emotions the other day and he was commenting how he thinks he’s felt all the different emotions in his life, and I said, “just imagine being a girl. We feel all the emotions in one day.”).. so yes, Ivy has emotions that she feels very loudly. But Everett’s two year old feelings are still very fresh in my mind and it was HARD. Boy or girl. So, I just have to buck up, stay the course and keep doing this two year old thing. She screams when she doesn’t get what the wants, she gets frustrated when we can’t understand her, she still wants to be held a lot and mostly just loves yelling “MOM!” all day long. Whew.. she’s a lot of work. But.. she’s still very wonderful. She is adored by her brothers, she gets so silly and giggly, she loves to make everyone laugh.. she fits right in around here.

Finn and Leyton updates I might save for a future post. You know the end of the year pictures are coming, so let’s just hope they don’t come in August. :)

We had a long, cold, snowy winter.. spring lasted about a minute and we’ve had some crazy heat around here. We’ve already been doing lots of water activities outside, which is so fun! This past weekend, my family came to visit and we surprised my parents with Nathan and Chrissie flying out and also a surprise 40th anniversary party! It was so fun to all be together. Luke turned 35 yesterday (birthday video coming as well! Look at me, I might be an official blogger again). Other than that, Leyton started playing lacrosse, Leyton and Finn are starting golf lessons soon, and Everett and all the boys play every sport, everyday in our wonderful neighborhood :)

I think that’s it for now! Now for some random but sweet pictures!

4.30-1 4.30-2 4.30-3 4.30-4 4.30-5 4.30-6 5.27-3 5.27-20 5.27-21 5.27-22 5.27-24 5.27-26 5.27-28 5.27-31 5.27-33 5.27-34 5.27-36 5.27-37 5.27-39 5.27-41 5.27-42 5.27-43 5.27-44 5.27-45 5.27-46 5.27-47 5.30-1 5.30-2 5.30-3 5.30-4 5.30-5 5.30-6 5.30-7 5.30-8 5.30-9 5.30-10 5.30-11 5.30-12 5.30-13 5.30-14 5.30-15 5.30-16 5.30-17 5.30-18 5.30-19 5.30-20 5.30-21 5.30-22 5.30-23 5.30-24 5.30-25 5.30-26 5.30-27 5.30-28 5.30-29 5.30-30 5.30-31

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