A random day at the beach and more family pics.

Big news.. Everett is SO close to walking! He takes 4-5 steps all the time, but then drops down to his knees, I think out of pure protest. He can do it, he just doesn’t want to. It’s seriously the cutest thing to see those little chunky feet moving. He feels so much older. He still wants me to hold him all day long, so I’m hoping this new talent will encourage a little more independence. Along with this brand new walker, we’ve had a full week around here. Everett and Finn took a buddy trip to the doctor to get more bronchitis medicine for the little one and athletes foot cream for Finn (seriously, that kid’s luck). Luke is busy trying to find a new job (that’s a whole other story.. still praying that he can work from home!), I’m busy with photography, Leyton’s busy with talking all day long.. it’s a wild house around here.

We are absolutely loving summer. Sand and bare legs everywhere, water fights and hours of trampoline time. Couldn’t be better.

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