A new pace of life.

I feel like when I get time to sit down and write in this little diary of mine, I usually reflect on the changes and all things new around here. There’s a lot of things that make this fall feel so new and so different for our family. We were warned about this next stage of life, that time starts flying. And it definitely is. Leyton is settled into Kindergarten and my daily mom tasks include packing lunches, dropping off, picking up and trying to pull out updates from my ever growing 5 year old.  He’s doing so well, aside from a couple meltdowns about drop off (oh, I have a story I need to tell!), about his napping blanket and about how to get chocolate milk during lunch. I think he feels the same way I do about drastic changes. Also, yesterday he told me he “kinda has a girlfriend.” What?! I’m not ready for this!




IMG_8210 IMG_8330 IMG_8333 IMG_8301 IMG_8306 IMG_7835

Finn is loving preschool and is such a happy, smiley kid when I pick him up. Life slowed down quite a bit for my two little buddies and I. With Everett still napping twice during the day, Finn and I get lots of quality time together and we’re both loving it. He has stepped in to the big brother role quite well and loves getting free reign on toys and playing with the older kids at play dates. It’s so fun to watch him!


IMG_8218 IMG_8180 IMG_8434

Luke and I flew past our NINE year anniversary! He surprised me with a trip away to a little cabin on Lake Superior for a couple of days. It was perfect! We relaxed, slept, I got a massage (!), we talked to each other over slowly eaten meals, laughed over a bonfire that we couldn’t start, hiked around Gooseberry Falls and SO enjoyed our time away! Luke also started his new job and is loving it! This is a huge promotion for him and he so deserves it! He is THE creative director of an ad agency. He is the guy. I love bragging about him, he makes it so easy. After starting this job, his boss told him that they went through 33 interviews for this position.  They said Luke’s interview was the best they ever had and he was hired! Seriously!

IMG_3780 IMG_3746 IMG_3731 IMG_3674 IMG_3669

Our weekdays are full with school, soccer practice, skating and hockey practice and eating dinners on the go.  Our weekends are full with photo shoots (so many right now!), church, soccer games and more hockey practice. It’s definitely a new pace but we are enjoying it, while trying to keep time open to slow down. It feels like after years of staying home with little ones, it’s a nice change to be out together as a family and getting more involved in our little community! The boys see so many friends throughout their days, Everett loves going to all the activities (“hockey! hockey!”) and we get to be together!


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