a break from kid world: Watson’s house

A few months ago, Watson, my cute longtime friend, asked me to help decorate her house!  She was pretty amazing about it.. she gave me a budget (a bit of a loose one.. but we found deals!) and I was able to sort of go crazy!  I love it! This is their townhouse and they wanted to change up the place both for themselves and eventually to sell.  Step one was the carpet to wood floors.  I don’t have any before pictures, but it was carpeted and a lot of darker, warmer colors. (think browns and burgendys)  They painted the whole main level a really great gray, and with the wood floors, I had a blank slate.  Mix in a bunch of frames, a fun mirror, personalized artwork, a live plant (that she promised not to kill) and a pillow from Uzbekistan (no lie).. we were on our way.  Everything you see in the pictures is new, except the couch and the kitchen table.  But other than that.. we did it all! We stuck with natural woods, silvers, gray, orange and navy.  We added some wainscoting to the dining room area to set that apart, hit up Ikea for some hidden toy storage and got a gem of a deal on that great rug.  She loves it.  And this place is so Watson.  She wanted open, airy, more of a loft feel with the colorful edge to it.  I think we did good!

You have a wonderful family Watson, and you carry a strength that is admirable to say the least.  The way you balance life, accept and conquer new challenges with a calm and confidence is inspiring.  You deserve this relaxing, peaceful home that will no doubt be the background to many changes in your beautiful life.  Love you friend.

watson-13 W W2 W3 W4 W5 W6 watson-14


And just for fun.. here’s our little mood board that we started with!



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