1st day of school for Leyton and Finn!

And just like that.. half are gone! Ugh. It’s so weird! I am currently sitting out on our porch on a perfectly crisp day, with a totally silent house. 2 are in school and 2 are napping. It has been yeeeaaars since I’ve had this little window of quiet! I really don’t know what to do with myself. But! Let’s talk’s about school. Leyton was so excited and ready to start school. By now, he’s totally got it down. He has a male teacher this year, Mr. Mathern and he seems so great. Leyton does know a few kids in his class from last year, but considering we came in half year last year, this feels like a new start for the boys.

At the open house, Leyton was great and showing Finn around and telling him about the school. Finn was loving it all. He met his teacher, Mrs. Callahan at the open house last year and then after his first day yesterday, he came home and reported that he has the “nicest teacher in the whole school.” So sweet! She seems great and like a perfect fit for our boy.

I am SO proud of Finn! He has taken this all in stride and has jumped into it all head first. He’s grown up so much lately! He has totally taken off on his bike and rides that thing so fast, with zero fear. He’s also done much better at being bold in the swimming pool and again, has no fear. Also, the other day, he had money to spend at Target and wanted to pick out a pretty elaborate lego set. I’m totally not proud of this mom moment, but I said, “are you sure? Maybe you’ll need Leyton’s help?” (Leyton’s always been the lego guy). He said, “no I’ve got it.” And he came home and build the whole thing himself! See why I’m so proud?! He didn’t even flinch when he was getting on the bus yesterday (I was trying to pull some tears out of him, but nothin!)

And now I’m home (in the silence) with just 2! Everett isn’t doing any preschool this year, so I’m back to just having the little ones. Anyone want to meet for a playdate? :)



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