First day of school!

The boys are off! A couple weeks ago Leyton, Finn and Everett started school and it’s been such a joy to watch them adjust to this next little phase!

Leyton started 4th grade and has Mrs. Youngbauer for a teacher. He has so many friends in his class, he totally lucked out! He’s loving it so far. He does so well in school, it makes it nice and easy for mom! He is even running for student council, which is so fun to watch. I told Luke that this “campaign” is a pretty good example of Leyton being the combo of Luke and I. Like his mom, Leyton jumps in on volunteering, on projects and groups like student council. He is motivated and likes the challenge. But like his dad, he works quick and doesn’t have time to be too thorough with his posters. Accuracy isn’t priority, which stresses his mom out. Get the speech done so we can go play!

Finn is in 2nd grade with Mrs. Schumann. He has a couple great buddies in his class and was really ready and excited to start school back up again. He enjoys school and from the minimal reports I get from him, his favorite time of day is lunch and recess. Reading is definitely his strong suit, but he does so well with writing and math. We’re so proud of him!

Everett started Pre-K at Rice Lake, which is new for him! Because he is hanging back one more year before Kindergarten, we put him an all day preschool three days a week. He has Tate and Braxton in his class, two neighbor buddies. We don’t hear much from him either, but he seems to like it! He does say he doesn’t get as much play time as his school last year, but that’s how life goes in school buddy!

We are getting used to the school year schedule and Mom is definitely enjoying the less chaotic life of summer! Ivy started gymnastics which is so fun! But otherwise, her and I have lots of fun together and when Everett’s home, those two get along so well! After school, we have a little downtime then we start running around to all the activities. Leyton is in tackle football, Finn and Everett just started flag football and they all have hockey. It’s busy, but really fun. More status updates and cute pictures of this crew on instagram more than this wonderful blog!
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Grandview Lodge 2019

Summer is in full swing over here and we are soaking in every minute! Things are getting checked off our bucket list to quick we barely have time to breath :) It is busy, but also so fun. We’ve had a great mix of slower, quieter days and some very busy ones! It’s been so hot lately, but I really can’t complain, I’ll take the heat over the cold any day. The kids constantly have sun kissed faces and dirty knees.. we really love summer! One huge highlight from our summer is our trip to Grandview Lodge with the Kirkpatrick family! We love this little getaway and love being all together with the cousins we don’t get to see as much! The easily slip into a groove of playing with each other and enjoying every second of our time together!

We logged in a lot of hours at the indoor pools, the huge outdoor hot tub, the lake.. we rented two jet skis one day (SO fun!), went out on the pontoon, kayaks, played in the sand.. we went to the ice cream shop every day, the girls got massages (huge highlight for us moms!), played games, had a bonfire and just hung out! Ivy was so funny with the big boy cousins, she got nice and comfortable and so silly with them. She also LOVED having some girl time with Delaney and Emme and came home wanting to put my make up on all the time. Leyton loved time with all the big boys, and Finn and Everett of course jumped right in. We are so blessed with this huge family and love every second we can be together!

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Last day of school!

Summer is officially here! I’m feelings all the feelings of loving having my kids home, loving having everyone together and just enjoying them! They just keep getting older, which is great and “easier” in some ways, but also still so busy! I have so many great memories of my summers growing up, so I really do love that I get to give these kids such fun memories! (That’s one side of my feelings. The other is a little nervous and terrified about it all.. but we won’t go there yet!)

Leyton and Finn both had great school years and finished out so well. And I realized I never blogged Everett pictures, so I will put those here too! But the last day of school was so much fun. We had the boys ride the bus home, sprayed them with silly string, had an ice cream party and then biked to a couple other neighborhood parties with their little buddies! Seriously I love our neighborhood!

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Everett loved preschool this year, mostly because of his little buddies! His teachers said they haven’t seen such a tight group of boys like these four.. Jack, Tate, Dash and Everett!

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Happy 5th birthday Everett!


Happy birthday Everett buddy! So crazy that our youngest boy is FIVE! Honestly 5 still seems sort of little when you have one creeping up on TEN, but still, when I think back to the day he was born, somehow that doesn’t seem like 5 years ago! Oh this guy. Gosh I seriously love him! I could gush for a long time about him, and maybe I will.. but let’s get to the party first! We had his party last Saturday at our house. We rented a jumpy castle, made a bunch of food, had all of his family and his buddies over, ate cake and had so much fun! It was such a fun group of people.. his little cousins, neighbor kids, school kids and all of their siblings haha! That’s what I love about Everett. He loves to party and wants everyone to be a part of the action. He’s just as good of friends with his brother’s 10 year old friends as with his own friends. We got to rent the jumpy castle for most of the weekend and we definitely got a lot of use out of it! It was such a fun party for our sports loving big boy. Then on Monday, his actual birthday, we had donuts (of course) and just had a fun day celebrating him the whole day!

PS. I really do want to say a lot of gushy things about this kid. I am loving this age and wish I could bottle up his sweet voice, his hilarious dancing, his constant joy and energy. But right now, it was the first day of summer having the kids home and I’m tired. So.. it will have to wait. :) But I do want to find time to blog a little update on each kid. I’m writing this now for accountability haha, we’ll see if it happens!

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Easter 2019

We had a great Easter this year and spent it once again with both sides of the family! This year we did change up one thing and go to church on Friday evening instead of Sunday and although it felt really weird to not go to church on Easter morning (and the boys did not love the idea of getting all “handsome” on a Friday night after playing all day).. but it was nice to not have to rush out the door Sunday morning. The kids found their Easter baskets in the morning and we read an Easter devotional to the kids then off we went! The pictures below aren’t in the right order of our day, but we headed to Prossers mid morning and after brunch and an egg hunt, the kids went swimming! The kids were thrilled to be in the pool! It was such a beautiful day. We then went to my parents house and had dinner, another egg hunt and just hung out with my parents, Tyler, Nathan and Erin. It was a great day!




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Leyton’s 9th birthday!

Of course I’m a little late on this, but we celebrated Leyton during NINE last month! 9?! Thats crazy. I keep catching myself when people ask how old he is, I can’t quite bring myself to say I have a 9 year old. I reminded him this morning when he whined about putting away his clean, folded laundry. I said, “in 9 short years, you will be doing your own laundry start to finish buddy!” Halfway there already? I can’t think about it too long or I’ll just cry. What a ride it’s been so far with our oldest. Oh I could say so much about him, I don’t know where to start! The layers just keep building with this kid. He was our cranky newborn, our stubborn toddler, our wild child, and now our constantly curious, always busy, non stop talkative nine year old! I’m constantly amazed by him and I tell him all the time that God has something big in store for him. We are so blessed to have him as our firstborn!

Since Leyton and I are birthday buddies, we go on a special date very year. This year we went rock climbing together and it was SO fun. It was so great to not be that naggy mom for a little bit and just do something fun. He is a crazy man and loved this new challenge. We were sweating and having so much fun together. After, we went to the Dairy Queen drive through and ate our blizzards in the parking lot listening to music. He felt so old! Later that week, for his  birthday party, we had a bunch of his crazy friends to Grand Slam for 3 hours of wonderful chaos. I’d say it was all a success!


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Ivy turns THREE!

Our little girl is 3! We had such a fun day celebrating miss Ivy. She was really excited about her birthday party and about all of her friends that came over. She has friends! It was so fun to have our big family family, tons of cousins and her other little friends for her party! She had a ballerina party this year, which really meant just lots of pink and lots of tulle. My mom and sister helped make tutus for the girls, and we gave them hair bows and bracelets. It was so fun. On her actual birthday last week, we started the day singing happy birthday to her when she woke up, eating pink donuts in the morning and cupcakes for lunch! (And we started potty training!)  We went swimming that night with our little fam. It was perfect.

We LOVE our Ivy girl and can’t imagine life without her. She has such a big personality and definitely wants to be heard. She is sweet and joyful, determined and stubborn.. we love every bit of her!

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Valentines 2019

The night before Valentines, Leyton told me he wasn’t feeling like Valentines felt like that big of a deal. Even though he had his school party, we weren’t doing much at home, he said. But then he thought and responded, “well, I guess you will make pink heart pancakes, a pink smoothie and write us a card telling one thing you love about us.” Haha I guess so! I wasn’t sure if I was going to the cards again this year, but after hearing that I had to! And for the record, Leyton’s word was creative. Finn’s was talented. Everett’s was fearless. And for Ivy, silly! We had a great Valentines Day, and Luke and I ended the day with a delicious cheese and meat platter when the kids went to bed. I know, we’re crazy :) It was a fun holiday! I love our little traditions!

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Christmas 2018!

I didn’t manage to sneak this post in in 2018, but we were too busy of course! We had such a great, very full Christmas break, it was wonderful! The week before Christmas, we managed to squeeze in all the little traditions so we wouldn’t miss anything. One of my favorites is when we surprise the kids after dinner some random night, tell them to run upstairs and get their Christmas pajamas on that are laying out, and head out to go look at Christmas lights together! We brings hot chocolate and candy canes and it’s really fun! We also saw the movie The Star, which was really sweet and took the boys to see the Grinch in the movie theater. Then the 23rd and 24th, we spent Prosser Christmas at Great Wolf Lodge Waterpark in Minneapolis. It’s so fun to watch all these little cousins together, they played and played and had so much fun! It was a great little getaway and a fun way to spend Christmas with that crew. Then Christmas morning and most of the day, we spent just at home which I LOVE. We opened presents (we surprised them with a bunny!), had a big breakfast and just stayed in our PJs most of the day. Around 4, we headed to my parents where we joined up with the whole family that came in from out of town. Then for the next week, we did tons of fun things with the out of towners.. mall of America, sky zone, boot hockey and ice hockey, pizza ranch, dinners together, it was so great! It’s safe to say our kids were totally spoiled with endless fun. Although at times it felt like a blur, it was honestly another sweet, sweet Christmas.. with a mix of relaxing, tons of family time and just enjoying the meaning of Christmas. It was perfect!

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